Self-taught oil painter born in Italy, lives in Tokyo and works on commission around the world. Among his collectors he counts Hollywood A-List Celebrities, diplomats, famous personalities and CEOs in Japan.

Enchanted by the excellence of the Renaissance, Matteo is a polymath who applies himself in numerous disciplines with the sole scope of making Fine Art of the highest grade possible.

Rigorously preparing colors and oils by himself, beauty and perfection of execution are the foundation of Matteo’s works, becoming his language for communicating with everyone no matter age or nationality, transcending time and culture.


Matteo proudly protects the Italian traditions of painting, creating harmonious realistic pictures rich in metaphors, inspired by the Great Masters.

Simultaneously, he is fascinated by technology and its possibilities, using the same techniques of Hollywood’s movie studios to recreate environments and special effects in CG, thus merging the tradition and excellence of European culture with modern times.

“Fusion of old techniques with modern technologies. This is my vision of Fine Arts.”
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