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Figurative painter from Italy

I am Matteo Ceccarini, I warmly welcome you to my website. I am a figurative oil painter, born in Italy, who, naturally feeling a strong aversion against most of Contemporary Art, likes subtle messages conveyed through figurative pictures finely painted. Looking to retreive a sense and understanding for the importance of beauty that I feel have been lost due to industrialization, as a self-taught painter with a scientific background I have personally researched, embraced and I am currently focused on improving the techniques and the methods of the Old Masters. Aiming at the creation of works carefully executed to last through time, I daily prepare fresh materials needed for each painting session without using any industrially prepared canvas, tube color, oil. My main atelier is in Tokyo and I work on commission around the world.

  • Important News

    • 10 December 2017

      Memorial of Doctor Shigeaki Hinohara

      Exposition of the Portrait of Dr Hinohara Shigeaki at the New National Theatre, Tokyo

      NHK News

  • Latest Painting

    • June 2018

      Portrait of a Japanese lady, and her story