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Figurative painter from Italy

I am Matteo Ceccarini, I warmly welcome you to my website. I am a figurative oil painter, born in Italy, who, naturally feeling a strong aversion against most of Contemporary Art, likes subtle messages conveyed through figurative pictures finely painted. Looking to retreive a sense and understanding for the importance of beauty that I feel have been lost due to industrialization, as a self-taught painter with a scientific background I have personally researched, embraced and I am currently focused on improving the techniques and the methods of the Old Masters. Aiming at the creation of works carefully executed to last through time, I daily prepare fresh materials needed for each painting session without using any industrially prepared canvas, tube color, oil. My main atelier is in Tokyo and I work on commission around the world.

  • Important News

    • May 10 & May 14, 2015

      Presentation of the Portrait of Doctor Shigeaki Hinohara

      First official presentations of the Portrait of Japan's iconic medical doctor, Shigeaki Hinohara, at Toyku Bunkamura and Nagoya Art Theatre.

    • November 12, 2014

      Presentation of world first paintings on Stone Paper

      At the Symposium for the 20th Anniversary of ZERI hold at UN University in Tokyo, showing the very first paintings done on Stone Paper.

  • Latest Painting

    • January 2017

      Portrait of Mr&Mrs Saionji